Alfred Hart, Managing Director
Dipl. Industrial Engineer (FH)

Tim Oppitz, Managing Director

Made in Bavaria, delivered to Europe

We have been developing outdoor lifestyle products made from HPL for over 15 years

design@garten develops and sells innovative garden lifestyle products. In our Augsburg production facility, we make designer garden houses, garden saunas, sauna plunge pools or mini pools for the garden, weatherproof outdoor cupboards for the patio or balcony, stylish wheelie bin stores and weatherproof firewood stores.

Our modern garden products are made of high-quality, weather-resistant and UV-resistant materials. Maintenance requirements in the garden are kept to a minimum, and regular painting or varnishing is completely eliminated. What remains? More time to enjoy your garden!

In addition to the design and easy care, we attach particular importance to the quality, function and practical benefits.

We ourselves are responsible for the manufacture of our products. 
design@garten manufactures all its own garden products - except for the plunge pool - in Augsburg, Bavaria. Our quality standards ensure that you will enjoy our products for many years to come.

The first modern garden house with an HPL façade was built in 2006 for our own garden. The radiant white façade of our original @gart has since been our incentive for further garden lifestyle innovations such as @gart, @sauna, @win, @wood, @boxx, @wat and @car.

design@garten - where style and colour meet nature.

We deliver throughout Europe, in particular regularly to Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Spain and the rest of the garden world.

Do you have any questions, requests, suggestions? Of course, we can even offer you our garden house @gart as a garden sauna, or we can implement other garden ideas with you. We look forward to hearing about your garden dreams, your inquiries, your feedback and especially your recommendations to others.


Design@Garten GmbH & Co. KG
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86150 Augsburg

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Plenty of reasons to trust us

You can take it literally that our products are excellent in quality and design, because we have it written in black and white. We’ve already received both national and international awards for our outdoor garden houses and garden cupboards! However proud we are of our awards, we’re continually striving to improve our products.