Protected from weather and damage: Our outdoor cover for heat pumps and air conditioning units.

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The modern cover
for your heat pump or air conditioner

Our weatherproof cover @cover protects heat pumps and air conditioning units from weather and vandalism. With slats and ventilation slots for adequate air supply, as well as maintenance access.

Verkleidung für Wärmepumpe oder Klimaanlage aus HPL mit Cortenstahl-Optik

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Minimum size: 40cm per side

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Please observe manufacturer specifications

The @cover cover is made to the dimensions of your heat pump / air conditioner. The distances we add (height: +15cm, width: +20cm, depth: 10cm / for double-sided covers with slats: +20cm) are guidelines - please note that certain distances must be maintained for your device according to the manufacturer. We do not assume any liability for damage to your device caused by non-compliance with the manufacturer's prescribed distances.

Understood and accepted note

How a cover for heat pumps / air conditioners protects your device

Heat pumps and air conditioners have long been a part of homes and buildings. However, manufacturers typically provide these devices without protective covers, leaving them exposed to the elements and potential damage from the outside.

To ensure proper airflow, our cover is completely made of slats on the front side. Double-sided milled cutouts also provide additional air circulation. Unrestricted access to the device is necessary for regular maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning units, which is provided by our cover.

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Heat pump cover / Air conditioning cover

Hide your heat pump

A heat pump offers significant potential for energy cost savings, and its environmentally friendly heating method without CO2 emissions and combustion residues is also a major advantage. It's no wonder that this type of energy generation is becoming increasingly popular. In particular, the appearance of new buildings and new housing developments has changed significantly: while simple front gardens used to be the norm, heat pumps now dominate the landscape.

For many homeowners, this sight is unsatisfactory because a heat pump in front of the house is anything but inconspicuous. This "block" can become an eyesore, especially if it clashes with the otherwise simple aesthetics of the architecture or garden. The solution is to hide it: but bushes, trees, and shrubs not only need to be maintained but also require space. And if evergreen trees are not used, the view of your device will only be blocked for half the year.

A cover for your heat pump hardly contributes to the loss of space and, provided you choose the right color, can blend in with your architecture so well that the feeling of a foreign object in front of your house disappears completely.

What to consider?

It was important for us to create a universal solution that can be used independently of the manufacturer and dimensions. That's why our "@cover" cover is only available as a custom-made product. The dimensions of the cover are based on those of your device - you can often find them in the manual, operating instructions, or on the website of your manufacturer. Otherwise, simply measure it yourself. The distances we add (height: +15cm, width: +20cm, depth: 10cm / for double-sided covers with slats: +20cm) are guidelines - please note that certain distances must be maintained for your device according to the manufacturer.

Due to the numerous devices on the market, we recommend that you consult with the device manufacturer regarding the positioning and sizing of the ventilation slots. You can often find a note about this in the manual or online.

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