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The waterproof garden box made of HPL

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In our design garden box @box you can store cushions, pillows and cushions outdoors all year round, because it is waterproof, rainproof and UV-resistant. The hinged lid with integrated gas strut is pleasantly easy to open and remains open on its own for easy storage and retrieval.

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Outdoor Garden box
Illustration: @box Garden box
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Colour: White
Height in cm 85
Garden box


2.090,00 €

Black garden box with open hinged lid and gas struts

Safe storage of cushions, pads and pillows

Chairs, sun loungers, sun islands, loungers, benches, garden shells, outdoor lounges,... the list of seating and lounging options including all variations - especially for the outdoor area - is long. And it doesn't matter whether this outdoor furniture "only" has a few seat cushions or an entire outdoor upholstered set: Somehow they have to be stowed away.

The basic problem with stowing cushions, pillows and pads can be divided into two aspects: Space and moisture. It quickly becomes clear when choosing the right seat cushions: a certain cushion thickness is needed for a comfortable seating feeling. Accordingly, the space required for these cushions quickly adds up and a secure storage facility becomes obligatory.

White garden box on a wet terrace

Garden boxes and moisture: How to prevent rotting?

Clammy seat cushions, damp cushions, wet cushions: Especially when covered with foil or tarpaulin, the damp night air can get into furniture and upholstery in many places, but cannot escape. Leaving cushions and upholstery completely outdoors is even more disastrous, because not only rain, but also UV radiation can damage them significantly within a short time.

Our garden box therefore offers UV protection, is weather-resistant and waterproof. The necessary air exchange takes place via grilled inlets on the underside of the garden box, which are invisible to the eye and do not disturb our minimalist design in any way. Our garden box thus creates a dry environment for your cushions and pillows.

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White HPL cushion box on the balcony

What advantages does a garden box made of HPL offer over other materials?

Garden boxes made of aluminium, plastic or wood are widely used, but they also come with drawbacks: Insufficient protective function, sensitivity to moisture, maintenance effort, susceptibility to heat or insufficient resistance to hail and storms due to insufficient material thickness.

In comparison, our garden box made of HPL is so robust that you can even sit on it. It defies all weather conditions, is UV-resistant, maintenance-free, weatherproof, waterproof and insensitive to heat. In addition, it offers protection against hail and is shock and scratch resistant, so it can even take a football without a direct dent. You have to worry more about the football... Get your own impression of our favourite material HPL and order our HPL colour sample set free of charge.

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Made-to-measure garden box

Whether you need a lot of space or not: we will gladly make your garden box to measure according to your wishes in order to fully meet your individual storage space requirements.

Approximately half of all our storage solutions are made to measure. As our garden boxes are often used as cushion boxes, pillow boxes or storage boxes for existing cushions, cushions or garden utensils, many of our customers already know the required dimensions before purchasing. Planning and manufacturing a garden box according to desired dimensions is therefore a task with which we are very familiar.

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