The @wat plunge pool with crystal-clear water is the ideal place to cool off after the garden sauna.

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The refreshing plunge pool

This plunge pool can be used all year round: in winter as a plunge pool, in summer as a mini pool. In the evening, the LED lighting immerses the mini pool and the garden in an atmospheric sea of lights.

@wat Plunge Pool / Mini Pool

Grafik Tauchbecken
Product Price
Plunge Pool L 3,00 m x B 1,50 m x T 1,20m 14.490,00 €
Halogen spotlights 790,00 €
LED spotlights (neutral white) 2.139,00 €
LED spotlights (RGB colours) 2.939,00 €
Air bubble system 2.410,00 €
Handholds 690,00 €
Grip bar 790,00 €

Prices incl. 19% VAT & incl. ground drainage, inlet nozzles, skimmer (pre-assembled). Excl. pump & filter technology, delivery & assembly, earthworks & foundation with backfilling.

Outdoor Minipool auf der Terrasse mit Holzdeck

Salt water mini pool for the garden

The holiday starts at the patio door. Sun and a little salt on the skin will give you that pure holiday feeling. The mini pool @wat turns your garden into a green wellness water oasis and brings your holiday close to home. Immerse yourself in our sea salt water plunge pool and leave your daily routine behind for a short while.

Crystal-clear, refreshing and healthy: Sea salt water or water enriched with sea salt stimulates the metabolism, purifies the body and supplies the skin with important minerals.

The slightly salty water has a skin-nourishing effect; the salt content is 0.5%. This means that the sea salt water pool has about 3 times or 7 times less salinity than the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, respectively. Stinging eyes are thus virtually impossible in the plunge pool. The slightly salty water has a skin-nourishing effect, and the joyful feeling from a seaside holiday in your own garden is immeasurable.

Tauchbecken für den Garten zur ganjährigen Nutzung

More than just a plunge pool

@wat, the plunge pool for the garden is the ideal all-year-round complement to the garden sauna in the designer garden house @gart. With a water depth of 1.2 m, the plunge pool provides refreshment after the garden sauna.

@wat as a mini pool and an aqua fitness pool. From the spring until late into the autumn, the mini pool @wat can be heated with a small solar system (optional) to pleasant swim temperatures between 24° and over 30° and can be used as a plunge pool, mini pool and/or as a water aerobics pool.

Aqua fitness and aqua jogging are particularly healthy movements that are kind to your joints and also greatly reduce the stress on your spine. The mini pool or garden pool certainly offers a lot of swimming fun – not only for children.

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Bunte LED-Beleuchtung in einem Tauchbecken

Light and color effects in the mini pool

Even in the basic version, the pool is equipped with a halogen spotlight. The colored LED lighting allows the garden pool @wat to immerse into a very special, atmospheric ambiance in the evening and at night. For the next garden party, up to 12 basic colors and color changes can be set.

A spectacular sea of lights with a low power consumption of only 5 watts per LED spotlight. Fire-red water in winter, deep blue water in summer, or emerald green water, for example, invite you to dive in at any time of the year.

A comfortable entry area across the entire width of the pool and two integrated seating cubes in the pool invite you to relax. You can also equip the diving pool with an air bubble system. This turns your mini pool into a wellness lounge and ensures pure relaxation.

Flachskimmer in Edelstahl in einem Pool

Diving pool for the garden - the technology

The basis for crystal-clear water is sea salt. An electrolysis unit made of titanium temporarily releases the natural and bound chlorine of the salt crystals NaCl and ensures reliable disinfection of the water.

The water is kept in balance by means of pH value regulation. A sand filter system ensures the cleaning of the pool. The pool pump sucks the water through the skimmer and the bottom drain and pumps the water back into the pool through the sand filter system. The water basin is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) and is resistant to frost.

In addition to saltwater technology, the pool can also be equipped with chlorine technology or an oxygen system. The garden pool can be operated with little effort both in summer and winter.

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